Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wow sorry guys.... I haven't updated my blog in forever... I actually completely fogot I had one for awhile... haha
I just finished up a General Psych class at Century College, and now I'm fruitlessly looking for a summer job... haha
My timer's gonna go off in a few mins for my pizza, so I'll be back on later tonight to post more updates....
<3 Sarah

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ok, I've been writing in my journal (kinda writing a story, in a way) every night since the 16th because I'm really emotional that my second Celtic Woman concert is over. I'm gonna eventually transfer it all here, but for now, I'll just write the entry I wrote on the 16th.
I have had the pleasure of seeing my angels twice so far, and the 2nd time, I was lucky enough to see the second act from the 4th row, and, not only get smiles from 4 gorgeous angels, but a lot of eye contact and smiles from my favorite choir member as well! :)
I am still floating in heaven from the smile that the fabulous Mrs. Lisa Kelly dorected at me, and it hurts to not know when I will have the pleasure of seeing these Irish angels again, and to not be in their presence any longer. While I am waiting for my next evening in heaven, and for my favorite Celtic Woman to give my heart back, I've decided to write about how much these girls mean to me, since I enjoy writing, and I'm hoping this can slowly start to mend my "wounded heart" and my hurting soul.
I thought I was changed after my first evening in heaven with these girls on March 24, 2010 after the amazing Miss Agnew smiled at me. If only I had been prepared for the feelings and heartbreak my second concert would bring.
From that afternoon in December 1009, when I never dreamed I would have my wildest dream come true, to 4 days after my second Celtic Woman concert, so much has happened, and these girls have opened my heart and my eyes to such a beautiful world.
I can still remember that moment during that seemingly normal December afternoon when an Irish angel~Lisa Kelly, changed my life.


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't updated my blog in forever.. I've been so busy.
So, I went to my 2nd Celtic Woman concert on the 12th, and I was in the 4th row for the 2nd act! It was amazing! I could hear the swish of the girls' gowns and everything. Plus, I got a lot of contact with my favorite choir member, and Lisa smiled at me. :) I've been having Chloe dreams almost every night, and I know they mean something, I just can't figure out what. I wish I could though.
Well, I'm gonna get going for now... I'll try to get back online later today and write some more.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Celtic Woman has changed my life

For the past 5 years, I have been struggling with severe depression. I had a phenomenal therapist and my friends were very supportive. However, it didn't seem like enough-there was something missing. My therapist and I worked very hard to find something that would fill that hole, but nothing seemed to be working. Jennifer and I tried to figure out how to fill the hole, but nothing did. Things became even more complicated when Jennifer left in August 2008. I was without a therapist and didn't know which way to turn. I was without a therapist for a few months and I was completely lost. I did find another therapist but again, there was still something missing.
Then, one December afternoon, I was watching T.V. and started channel surfind during the commercials. There was a concert on TPT Life, with 4 girls singing and another playing the violin. I didn't know it at the time, but it was Celtic Woman singing "Danny Boy". That was when I first picked out my favorite Celtic Woman, Lisa-even though I didn't know her name at the time. I stayed on TPT Life and watched the last 2 songs, and I was hooked. The next 2 times PBS aired "Songs from the Heart", I wathced the entire concert and was speechless both times! I dreamt of someday seeing these incredible girls live in concert. I was completely convinced that this particular dream would never come true, even though one of my previous dreams had come true twice-seeing al ive Idina concert. And one of my big dreams-meeting Idina had also come true. I was exploring their website and found the official forum. I immediately joined and made an amazing friend who gave me the links to Chloe, Lynn, Alex and Mairead's forums (I had already round Lisa's fanclub and forum). I started spending a lot of time on the forums and noticed a thread on Mairead's to help fans find tickets. I started thinking that maybe my dream could come true. So I posted in the thread, not really expecting anything. When I checked my e-mail that night, I saw that a forum member had bought me a ticket. And not just any ticket, the best seat he could find!
There are no words to describe your first live Celtic Woman concert. I already respected and dearly loved each of the girls. As soon as they sang the first note, I was whisked into heaven and stayed there for the entire night, even after the concert was over and I was back at home. It is surreal to see your hero live singing on stage. Lisa had stolen my heart the very first time I saw her on PBS, but seeing her live is a thousand times better-and she has a smile that melts your heart. After the incredible honor of seeing these angels live, you can do anything and your world is a million times brighter.
I am really strugglinh with a difficult eating disorder. I have thought about giving up countless times because it was so difficult. It's severe enough that it's life-threatening. Now, whenever I even think about giving up, all I have to do is think about 5 Irish angels who mean the world to me, and I have the courage to keep fighting and beat this illness. I couldn't have gotten here without them, and every night before I go to bed, I either watch a couple songs from my "Songs from the Heart" DVD, or listen to a few songs from the CD. I also wake up every morning to Celtic Woman! :) I believe everything happens for a reason and that God sent his 5 Irish angels to me at the time I needed them most-when my eating disorder was once again beginning to take over. Now that these girls are a part of my life, they will be forever, and each girl will always have a special place in my heart. I will support them any way I can and love them always. These girls are truly a blessing to anyone who is blessed by their amazing music and gorgeous personalities. I am still holding on to my dream of meeting them someday, which I know will happen("There can be miracles when you believe"). But for now, I am content to know that they are doing what they love and are loving every minute of it! Alex, Chloe, Lisa, Lynn and Mairead have all touched my heart in the most special way, and I feel so blessed that they are a part of my life!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chloe dreams!

Okay, so for the past 2 nights, I have had the most amazing Chloe dreams!!!!! Here is the one I had last night (It's taken from my post on the CWF)

I don't remember why, but for some reason, there was a party or something at my house, and friends and family were there. We were sitting down to eat, with everybody around the kitchen table (which is weird, cause we have the world's smallest kitchen table). Anyway... Lynn and Chloe were already sitting down and eating, and I had set my stuff down and sat next to Chloe, but for some reason I had to get up to get something. When I came back, someone was sitting in my chair. And for the rest of the dream, whenever I got up to go do something, someone would always take my place. So I spent a lot of time trying to get them to move, so I could sit next to Chloe. Then, when I finally was ready to eat, I sat next to Chloe, and we talked for the rest of the dream. I talked to Lynn too.. on the other side of the table... :)

And the one I had Saturday night:

I was at a concert, and I had a front row seat, which in and of itself was amazing!!!!!! Then, somebody randomly came up to me and asked if I wanted to be a part of the M&G, so of course I said yes!!!! And for some reason, I was gonna get to meet all the girls, so I grabbed Sarah, and we headed into a room to wait for the girls. Lisa was the first one to walk in, followed by Chloe, Lynn, Alex and Mairead. Chloe came right up to me and started talking to me, and I never got to the other girls, because Chloe and I were talking for a long time! Then I got a huge hug from her, and for some reason, I walked her out to the parking lot. She gave me a couple more hugs, and I was bawling. She was sooo sweet. I was crying when I woke up.... It was the best Celtic Woman dream I have ever had!!!!!! (Well, so far anyway... )

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Please stop, dear god just stop!" Idina on Glee!!!

So, sadly our stupid digital converter box doesn't pick up Fox's signal, but I figured out a way to watch it, and I just about died after Idina's first scene!!!!!! Her first quote (the title of this post) was epic!!!! She is awesome!!!!! She plays such a great bitch, that she's hillarous!!!! And very entertaining. The look she gave at the end of the episode was classic! My heart totally melted.... I knew she was gonna be on the season premeire, and I was still shocked!! I am ashamed to say though, that it took me about 3 minutes to figure out it was actually Idina...fellow Fanzels, please don't hurt me! *hides* Everything about her performance was flawless. She was the perfect choice for that character, and she does such a phenomenal job embracing it. :) I have to say I am happily anticipating the next episode she's in, and impatiently waiting for her duet with Rachel!
I LOVE IDINA!!!!!!!!!!
~Proud Fanzel, Sarah~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I hate being sick!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't updated this in awhile, my life got really busy on Monday. Anyway, so, yesterday was going really really well, until last night around 7pm. My stomach started to hurt, and I felt really nautious and dizzy. So, I laid down on the couch and turned on Celtic Woman, which really helped until the CD ended. So I made my way downstairs to watch The Good Wife, and ended up feeling worse. When my mom came home, she brought me a towel and bucket, and sure enough, about 5 minutes later, I got sick.... ugh.... I haven't been sick in like 6 or 7 years! Then all of a sudden, my body decided to get sick last night???!!!! I still feel really crappy today, and didn't get out of bed until around 2pm, and even thought it's only 4 right now, I wanna go back to bed and sleep for days..... I don't want to be sick!!!!! There's so much I have to do, and so much that I want to do... I don't wanna be stuck in bed all week... :(